Nancy Williams

nancy-and-momFor Nancy Williams, the interest in photography began at Clemson University when she was advertising manager for the yearbook. “Even though we were working with older cameras, the experience gave me an eye for photography that has really stuck with me to this day,” she says.

Since that time, Nancy, who has retired from Duke Energy’s corporate compensation in Human Resources, has taken her art to a whole new level. From showcasing her work at festivals around the area, teaching elementary students as part of a summer camp to photographing events and weddings, her expertise—and her work—is in high demand.

In 1996, Nancy was photographing an Austin Healey show at the Biltmore when she realized she must find a way to further pursue her interest. Not long after, while visiting some friends, she stumbled upon photo note cards in a gift store. Intrigued by the photos and the idea, Nancy reached out to the artist and received some sage advice—and inspiration—to take her craft to the next level.

And, as they say, the rest is history. Today, Nancy, an avid traveler with her husband, has transformed many images from her travels, love for nature, people and places into note cards and framed artwork. But regardless of whether she’s captured a scene in Amsterdam or the Dilworth area of Charlotte, Nancy says she has found one thing to be true. “I find that people are attracted to the things that are most familiar to them,” she says. Pictures of Nancy’s Border Terrier dogs names Lucas and Austin continue to be fan favorites. And her more recent photos of Charlotte icons—like the signs on the Green—and the skyline are also very popular among individuals and companies.

Nancy is a member of Charlotte Art Collective and the Charlotte Art League. In Charlotte, you can find her works at the Visitor Info Center (Center City), Paper Skyscraper (East Blvd), the Charlotte Art League (Camden Rd), the The Buttercup (Providence Rd), Green with Envy (Central Ave), and Frame Warehouse locations (Providence Rd, South Blvd). Other locations include Arts Off the Alley (Seneca, SC) and A Special Place (Navarre, FL).

Nancy Williams